The Friars


Congratulations Humanista!

i found you in the songs
that the breezes whistle...
in the look on mischief's face...
and along the hem of loyalty's skirt.

never forget the joy of our collision
and the result of laughter
because now

our love is creating:
filling all the voided spaces
and our love is contagious:
spreading from heart to heart
among those who touch us
our love is divine:
transcending mere mortality
our love is dangerous:
it wears a leather jacket and
everyone wants to sleep with it
our love is now:
all wrapped up inside the small
moments of the day to day
and our love is forever:
always increasing
filled with surprise
and ready to learn

never forget the joy of our collision

~el vikingo {written and read for Humanista's wedding 5-22-10}


The Sound

Once, there was no sound
Then the wind blew, the trees shook
I could hear myself, breathe
The park was empty, just the sound
of the trees, and me breathing
But the breath wasn't enough
and a hum echoed up from my gut
The hum became singing
but that wasn't enough
So I sang so you could hear me
And you sang to all your friends
When I looked around again
The lawn was all of people
and the sound
the sound




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